Cornell Cooperative Extension

Cortland County

See what 4-H Can Do For You!

4-H in Cortland County offers local youth the opportunity to be active clubs, community events, after school programs, and a summer camp, while learning valuable life skills.

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Cortland co fair 2013 dairycow
Snap food pantry

Food Assistance

We can help you find local food pantries and benefits programs that can help your family in times of economic need. Visit our list of resources.

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Cm turkey tacos

Healthy Recipes

Just 1lb of ground meat feeds 8 people, with added beans and veggies, in these "Turkey Tacos" from Cooking Matters. Visit our "Recipes" page for this recipe and more!

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Ifm cornell

Local Foods

Find local farmers markets, and learn why buying local is great for you and your community!

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Katrina pet evacuation

Animals & Disasters

Making a disaster plan and evacuation kit can help keep your pets safe in an emergency. Learn how you can be prepared, with resources here on our site.

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Camp owahta thumbs up 2013

Camp Owahta

4-H Camp Owahta offers six, week long Residential sessions and a Day Camp. Register online.

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Flooded corn field ill

Flooded Gardens & Crops

Is produce from your flooded garden still safe to eat? Find out more information on our site.

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Last updated August 11, 2014